Trunk or Treat 2019

TRUNK OR TREAT IS OCTOBER 25th – 31st. Please note that this event starts on Friday (10/25) and ends on Thursday (10/31-Halloween). There will be no Trunk or Treat on Friday, November 1st.

Whether your family is participating or not, please complete the Trunk or Treat form. This helps us organize the kids as well as keep them safe during the event. If you do not complete the form before the morning of Trunk or Treat your student will automatically be participating in the event.

Please take a minute to read through our Trunk or Treat Information Sheet. It’s important that parents and staff are all on the same page so that our kiddos get optimal Trunk or Treat time while also staying safe!

This event works best when we have lots of trunks for the kids to visit! You can decorate your trunk as much or as little as you’d like, just as long as we have some! To volunteer your trunk please fill out the Trunk or Treat form.

Any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Danielle or Ms. Antoinette.

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