October Count

October Count is a two and a half week period where we receive funding from the state based off our attendance. We love being able to provide your children with quality teachers, classes, and materials. The funding we receive during this window is the ONLY reason we are able to do that, so it’s imperative that your student is present at HSC during this time.

This year’s October Count is September 25th till October 9th. Your student is required to be in attendance on your HSC day during this window. We reserve the right to withdraw your student from the program if a student misses more than one day during this window. For additional questions email enrollment@wwahomeschool.org.

We know our families love to travel, and we support that fully but we ask that you try not to schedule any major trips during this time. In the event of an unplanned absence (kids will inevitably get sick), please email attendance@wwahomeschool.org with the date, student’s name, reasons for absence, AND documentation of absence (i.e. a doctor’s note).