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Holly Causey: Cooking & Sewing – Lakewood, Westminster, & Evergreen

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Greetings, My name is Ms. Holly I teach our cooking, sewing, & quilting classes: three of my hobbies and life passions.  When I went off to college my intention was to make a career of being a home economics teacher.  My professional experience has taken me in varied directions, but my passion and hobbies have always included cooking, knitting, sewing, learning and teaching.  It is fantastic to have an opportunity to share these passions with young people.



Hayley Cotton: Performing Arts – Lakewood, Westminster, & Evergreen

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My name is Hayley Cotton (Ms. Hayley) and I am your Theatre Arts teacher at the Homeschool Connection! I currently hold a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and am pursuing my M.A. in Theatre Education at the University of Northern-Colorado. Fall 2017 will be my first semester at HSC and I’m extremely excited to share my passion for all things theatre-related. Before moving to Colorado last August, I worked as a teaching artist and professional actor in Milwaukee, WI and various cities across the country.

My personal teaching philosophy revolves around the idea that theatre education has the power to cultivate life skills which can be used both on and off stage. I believe that my job as a theatre educator is not necessarily to create the most talented theatre artists, but rather to create well-rounded and loving human beings who will ultimately make our world a better place.



Elona Fish: Dance & Fitness  – Lakewood, Westminster & Evergreen

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My name is Elona Fish (aka Miss Elona) and I have been at HSC since 2009. My passion since my first class at the age of 8 is dance and I haven’t stopped since then.  I have been a dance instructor for almost 20 years for children as young as two up to adults.  I attend performances whenever I can and have volunteered at many non-profits for dance.  My BFA in Dance Studies is from Missouri State University where I also received a Business Essentials Curriculum Certificate.

I enjoy moving and playing around with the kids in the PE classes.  My goal is to play some favorites while also learning new skills and games.

When I am not at work I can usually be found hiking with my daughter, playing with one of our many pets, or cooking up new recipes.

I looking forward to spending time with the students this year and working with them in different classes.  Every year I am in awe of how much they grow and learn.  Don’t hesitate to say hi or ask me any questions!


Amber Green: Kindergarten EA – Lakewood & Westminster

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Hallo! Guten tag! My name is Amber Green, I am the Educational Assistant for Kindergarten (Mrs. Jamie’s Lakewood and Westminster classes). I love helping her out it’s amazing!

First things first, I’ve played music for 14 years and I’m self taught for just about all of it. I’ve taught my self six instruments and was accepted into the Front Range Youth Symphony for three and a half years for playing the Double Stand-up Bass. (That’s outside of lettering all four years at Standley Lake Highschool). I write and translate sheet music all the time and am always creating something new. Next I’m also self taught in art for 11 years now. Mostly drawing and painting. I draw a lot of tattoos for people that I know and have for some years now. I love both of my hobbies with all of my heart and I’m very passionate about them both even though I’m very self critical, there’s always room to improve.

Two fun facts about me is I speak A LOT of German and some Spanish! Mostly German though.
And my all time FAVORITE band is Metallica and always will be!



Danielle Holman: Enrollment Coordinator – Lakewood, Westminster & Evergreen

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Kelly Mathews: Assistant Director – All Locations, Cultures teacher – Westminster & Evergreen

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My name is Kelly Mathews and I am the Assistant Director and Cultures teacher at HSC.  I have been with HSC since 2012.  My two daughters, Taylor and Lauren, were home schooled for several years and previously attended HSC.  When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with them and doing things like taking long walks, playing at the park and going out for ice cream!  I appreciate the commitment and effort that homeschooling takes and I love that I get to be part of your family’s support team!



Chelsea Minshull: Director – Evergreen, Lakewood, Westminster

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My name is Chelsea Minshull and I am really excited to come join the HSC family as the new Director! I’ve had the chance to visit all three sites and there is such a warm, happy atmosphere at each one. I feel fortunate to come be a part of it. A little bit about me…

I am originally from upstate NY, Rochester to be exact. I moved to Colorado in 1998 after visiting a few times and realizing how beautiful and sunny it is! Before working as a Director at The Sunshine House and an Assistant Director at Primrose, I was a teacher of Pre-K students for many years. Currently, I am the Enrollment Secretary at Woodrow Wilson Academy. I also teach Food Experience (an elective for 8th graders), and I tutor 1st-5th graders each afternoon. I am also the staff appointed make-up artist and “glitter girl” when needed.

I live in Westminster with my two daughters, Ella (10 years old) and Audrey (8 years old) and our dog Chloie. My parents moved here in 2009 after realizing I wouldn’t be leaving beautiful Colorado! It’s nice having extended family close by.



Lynn Jenner: Art – Evergreen, Lakewood & Westminster

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Hello! My name is Ms. Lynn and I am thrilled to be teaching art at HSC! I have a BFA in Art and Design and spent many years working in advertising as an illustrator and graphic artist. Several years ago I gladly left the corporate world behind to follow my heart and teach art. I am a complete and unabashed art geek and I love sharing that enthusiasm with my students. When I’m not busy making or teaching art, I enjoy running marathons, reading, doing just about anything active outside and spending time with my family (my husband, our two boys, and two black labs. I’m the only girl in my house!). It is a privilege to be teaching your children and I look forward to a great year of creating together!



Heather Miller: Tech Arts – Lakewood, Westminster, & Evergreen

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My name is Heather Miller and I am the tech teacher at The Home School Connection. I have been at HSC since 2007. I have 3 boys who keep me busy, a husband and two dogs named Goliath and Luna.



Ms. Paige: Martial Arts – Westminster & Lakewood

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Hello HSC students! I am both excited and honored to be teaching martial arts and abacus math. I have been teaching at HSC since the Fall of 2008.
As a martial artist, I’ve studied Tae Kwon Do and Wushu. I am currently a 5th degree black belt. I own and operate Full Circle Martial Arts in Broomfield, Colorado’s Premier Kids School!
My 15 year old daughter formerly attended HSC and is a 1st degree Black Belt, and is in the Dance Company at Arvada Center.  I am a homeschooling mom and have really enjoyed the homeschooling experience. I like to play piano, drums and dance. I have 2 dogs named Henry and Max. And…I am recently engaged!  I am also a photographer and I love to take pictures of people. I LOVE teaching martial arts and spending that time with my young students. It is a bright spot in my life each day!
I look forward to each new year at HSC where I will meet new students to martial arts and abacus math and I also get to see my awesome students from last year!



Alicia Rigsby: Music – Lakewood, Westminster, & Evergreen

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Hi!  I’m Alicia Rigsby and I have been teaching music at HSC since 2013.  I came to Colorado in 1997 after completing my Master of Music degree at Indiana University in Bloomington studying Piano Performance and Music Theory.  I have accompanied and taught in Denver for the last sixteen years, most notably with the Children’s Music Academy.  I enjoy teaching group classes because of the interactive atmosphere and I’m looking forward to meeting new students and helping them learn about music!

Along with being a teacher, I am a singer and pianist and perform with Kantorei, the Estes Trio, and the Boulder Chamber Orchestra.  I am passionate about music as an art form, a teaching tool and an expressionistic medium and, of course, a way to have fun! I love singing and playing music with everyone at HSC!



Mr Rizzo: Martial Arts – Evergreen

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Hi my name is Steve Rizzo and I have been working for HSC since 2014. My wife and I are the owners of Altitude Taekwondo Academy in Conifer, where my daughter is also an instructor.

Currently studying for my Fourth degree Black Belt, I am an active participant on the tournament circuit. As the current Colorado State Champion I have participated in the American Taekwondo Associations, invitation only, Tournament of Champions.

I love the Colorado lifestyle and can often be found outdoors. I enjoy playing soccer, skiing, hiking, and landscape photography.



Kim Ross: Science – Lakewood, Westminster, & Evergreen

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Hello! My name is Kim Ross, the HSC Science teacher. Born and raised in Omaha, NE, where I earned my BS in Elementary Education from University of Nebraska at Omaha. This is my 14th year teaching in elementary education, a career that I am very passionate about.

I am a mother of 3 boys, who continue to keep me busy with outdoor activities and after school clubs. We all share a love for science and technology, which makes this new adventure as an educator that much more exciting.

I am truly excited to be a part of the Homeschool Connection piece of Woodrow Wilson Academy.



Antoinette Roybal: Kindergarten Assistant – Lakewood, Westminster, & Evergreen

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I was born and raised in Pueblo Co., where I met my now husband in 1991.  We married in August of 1993, and moved to Denver where we started our family.  Our son was born in October of 1994, and shortly after we welcomed our daughter in February of 1996.  Both of our children are all grown up, and serve in the military.

I have worked as an Orthodontic Technician and Supervisor for the past 17 years.  I decided to to go back to school a few years ago to finish my teaching degree.  My husband and I love to go bike riding, and working out at the gym.  I enjoy reading books like the Harry Potter series, and the Wicked series.  I love to write, and have written 5 children’s books.  One of my favorite hobbies is cooking.  I love to cook for my family.



Nancy Weaver: Writing –  Lakewood, Westminster & Evergreen

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My name is Nancy Weaver, Miss Nancy to the students, and I teach Creative Writing I, HSC Student Newspaper/Media, Creative Writing II/Advertising, Art Books, and Young Ameritowne at HSC.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English-Writing from the University of Colorado, along with some miscellaneous graduate level classes in various subjects. Formerly a municipal employee in the field of Risk Management.  I elected to stay at home with my daughters, Sara & Emma for several years.  When my youngest daughter, Emma started first grade, it was time for a new challenge so I took a position at Woodrow Wilson Academy as a classroom assistant in the fourth grade classrooms. Halfway through my second year at WWA the opportunity to teach Creative Writing I and II became available at HSC. Now, several years later, our class offerings have grown to offer 6 classes per day & we add new and exciting classes every year!

Firmly believing in the philosophy that “everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher”, I greatly enjoy working with the students at HSC.  Not only do I have an opportunity to share with them the vast world that is writing and all of the doors it can open to learning, imagination, self-expression, and independence, but they teach me as well. Not a week at HSC goes by that students do not surprise me with their creativity and ideas.  The HSC students continue to inspire me by being excited to learn and willing to share their work with others.



Jamie Williams: Kindergarten – Lakewood, Westminster, & Evergreen

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My name is Jamie Williams (Ms. Jamie) and I teach Kindergarten at HSC.  I graduated from Adams State College and have had the opportunity to work with many different children in various settings.  I have been at The Home School Connection since 2007.    When I am not at Home School Connection, I am having fun at home with my husband and our two beautiful daughters.

I love teaching kindergarten because it is full of discovery and excitement.  We cover so many topics in kindergarten and it is so fun to hear a kindergartener’s view on why things work the way they do.  It is exciting for me to watch the wheels spinning inside a student’s head and to see the light bulb light up once the ideas presented become understood in a student’s mind.