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CDE Colorado Measure of Academic Success FAQ’s

Are you looking for a more supplemental activities for your family?

The following are all private programs and therefore work very harmoniously with WWA’s Home School Connection. This list is comprised of organizations, programs, and groups that have been recommended by current families or have contacted the director and have requested to be added to the list and are not necessarily endorsed nor recommended by WWA’s Home School Connection.  If you feel a program should be added or removed from the list, please contact the director

Resources provided by Home School Connection programs and/or teachers: 

Full Circle Martial Arts & Family Center (provides our Lakewood & Westminster Martial Arts & Abacus Math instruction)

Altitude Martial Arts (provides our Evergreen Martial Arts instruction)


Resources provided or recommended by Home School Connection Families: 

Academic Evaluations & Consultations – Kim Almas

The DaVinci Center for Creative Arts

Birds Conservancy of the Rockies (HSC Parent)

Classical Conversations

Kumon of Westminster (HSC Parent)


Resources that have contacted the Home School Connection to Advertise: 

Dream Dance Studio – specific classes for home schooled students, possible discount available

School of Rock

Piano & Cello Lessons 

Amaryllis Therapy – Private Practice for OT, PT, SLP in North West Denver

EVO Summer Camp – learn climbing skills through games, instruction
and field trips!


If you run or know of a privately funded program or group and would like it to be added to the list, please contact the director.

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