Q: When can I register my student for the Home School Connection?

A: Registration is opened up in March. You can register from the day it is open until space is filled or until the end of September.

Q: Will my student be placed in classes as soon as I turn in or submit their class choices?

A: Before students will be placed in classes, all paperwork, including registration fees must be turned in to the Director or an agreement must be reached with HSC regarding fees.



Q: My child is on a wait-list, how will the Home School Connection determine which children are offered enrollment?

A: We do offer wait-list priority to siblings of currently enrolled students. After that, I go in order of when the child was placed on the wait-list.



Q: I see that there is a $30 fee for the Home School Connection, what is that used for?

A: This money is used for things like: consumable classroom/instructional materials, maintenance, technology, & computer support

Q: When is this fee due?

A: This fee is due before students are placed in their class choices.

Q: What if I cannot afford fees or I would like to pay later?

A: We never want fees to stand in the way of a student attending HSC, if you need financial assistance, just let the director know and we will work it out!



Q: Are there attendance requirements for my student?

A: While we completely understand that this program is supplemental to the home school curriculum or program you are providing your children at home, many of our classes require steady attendance to be successful. If your child has 3 or more unexcused absences in a semester, we will unregister them from the program. They will have to reregister at the beginning of the next semester to return to HSC, provided there is space available.

The only exception to this is during our October Count window. This is the two week window when we report attendance to the state to receive funding. We love being able to provide your children with quality teachers, classes, and materials. The funding we receive during this window is the ONLY reason we are able to do that.

The October Count window begins on September 24th and ends on October 8th. Student attendance is VERY important during this window, students may not miss more than one day during these 2 weeks.

Q: Do I need to report absences to HSC?

A: YES! YES! YES! Please contact us by 10am on the day of your child’s absence with the reason for your child’s absence. You can email attendance@wwahomeschool.org or call the Attendance Line at 720.289.9230 ext. 1.

Q: What is an unexcused absence?

A: The Home School Connection will excuse most absences as long as we are notified by 10am on the day of the absence. If we have not received notification by 10am, it will be listed as an unexcused absence. There are some excuses that may not be excused, such as the student not wanting to come, or a family member other than the student is ill (and others based on the discretion of the director).

Q: Does my student need to attend the entire day at HSC?

A: Yes. Students enrolled in one day classes at HSC must register for and plan on attending all classes during the school day (tardies and early-dismissals are completely fine on an occasional basis).

Q: What are the Start/End times at The Home School Connection?

A: That depends on the location:

  • Lakewood Mondays: 8:40am – 3:20pm
  • Westminster: 8:30am – 2:50pm
  • Evergreen: 9:15am – 3:20pm
  • Lakewood Fridays: 8:40am-2:50pm.

Students may start arriving up to 10 minutes before classes begin so teachers can begin on time!

Q: What happens if I am late to pick my child(ren) up from HSC?

A: Children who are left at the program 20 minutes past dismissal (specific times below) will be charged $1.00 per minute, per child. At this time, we will also begin calling all emergency contacts we have on file. If we cannot reach any contacts and the child is still at the program after an additional 20 minutes (40 minutes past dismissal) the authorities/social services may be notified.

Mondays – Dismissal: 3.20 (late charges begin at 3:40)

Tuesdays – Dismissal: 2.50 (late charges begin at 3:10)

Wednesday – Dismissal: 2.50 (late charges begin at 3:10)

Thursday – Dismissal: 3.20 (late charges begin at 3:40)

Friday – Dismissal: 2.50 (late charges begin at 3:10)

*All non-staff (excluding students) must be out of the building within 15 minutes of dismissal


Q: How does lunch work at The Home School Connection?

A: Students bring their own lunch. When students arrive, they put their lunch box in the bucket outside of their LAST class, they grab it at lunch, return it so they’re ready to go at the end of the day.

Q: Will my children be able to bring/eat a snack during classes at The Home School Connection?

A: Yes; in Kindergarten, they have 2 built-in snack times. For our 1-6th graders, we only have 1 built-in snack time (1st period) but students are usually allowed an afternoon snack at the end of 6th period as well. Most families pack 1 snack and kids finish their lunches if allowed an afternoon snack.

Q: Are water bottles allowed in classes at HSC?

A: Yes! We believe that drinking water throughout the day is a healthy habit for everyone, so no only are they allowed, they are encouraged! We do ask, however, that there is water in the water bottle (not juice, milk, or other flavored drinks), when water spills it is an easy clean-up, anything else tends to be a little more difficult to clean.

Q: What time can I drop my child off in the morning?

A: Kids are welcome to arrive up to 10 minutes before classes begin (Classes begin at 8:40 in Lakewood, 8:30 in Westminster, and 9:15 in Evergreen). Please utilize this 10 minute window so teachers can begin their classes on time.

Q: Do I need to come in with my child to drop them off in the morning?

A: No, you can just drop them off at the door (or sidewalk), please pull up as close to the sidewalk as you can get so your child does not have to cross the parking lot alone.

Q: Do I need to come in to pick my child up in the afternoon?

A: No, we will deliver your child directly to you; you can either drive through the pick-up line or park and walk up to gather your child(ren).

Q: What time can I pick my child up in the afternoon?

A: Classes end at 3:20 in Lakewood Mondays & Evergreen and at 2:50 in Westminster & Lakewood Fridays. Please arrive within 10 minutes of the end of class. If you are going to be late or early, please contact Ms. Bobbi at 720.289.9230 or info@wwahomeschool.org

Q: Will you ever cancel classes for weather or anything else? If so, how will I be notified.

A: We follow Jeffco schools for closures, so you can check local news stations and Jeffco’s website for school closures. We will also contact you using the Jeffco automated system, which uses your information from Jeffco Connect so please make sure that is current.

There are times when we call school even though Jeffco doesn’t when that happens, you will be notified using the Jeffco automated system through Jeffco Connect.


Q: How many students can I expect to be in each class?

A: All classes will have 12 students or fewer, unless otherwise noted.

Q: What if a class that my family chose has low enrollment?

A: Courses with fewer than 5 students registered may not be offered or the class description may change.

Q: What if my child would like to change one of their classes?

A: As long as it is within the first three weeks of class, that is completely fine, just email Chelsea with your desired changes! After the third week, we do not allow students to switch classes.


Enrollment with HSC & Other programs

Q: Can my student enroll in the Home School Connection and another homeschooling program?

A: Students who are enrolled in the Home School Connection cannot simultaneously enroll with any other publicly funded school or program. Most private umbrella schools work very well along side of HSC. If you have any questions, contact the director.


Choose your day wisely

Q: I signed up for Tuesday classes, however, now that we’ve been going for a while, I think Wednesdays would work better, can I switch?

A: No, each family should select ONE day for the entire year. Each day is set up as a separate program and as a result we are unable to have students switch between days or campuses throughout the year.



Q: What are your volunteer requirements?

A: None; we do not require parents to volunteer at HSC.

Q: Can I volunteer at The Home School Connection?

A: Absolutely, there are just a few things we ask:

Please remember that we do not have volunteer requirements, so our teachers are used to teaching without volunteer help so while we very much appreciate your generous offer of help, we may not need help or it may take us a few weeks before we have an activity that could use your help!

Parents wishing to volunteer in a classroom must pre-arrange their volunteer schedule by contacting the teacher directly for pre-approval and scheduling at least one week in advance.

Volunteer opportunities will not be scheduled during the first two weeks of each semester so that teachers can establish relationships and expectations with the kiddos.

Parents may volunteer for up to one hour at a time or for an extended period for special events (parties, open houses, etc.).

Once your volunteer time is scheduled, reliability is expected because teachers have planned for your assistance. If you need to be absent, please contact the director or the teacher as soon as possible.

Remember you are in the classroom to help the teacher. Please be sensitive to the teacher’s direction and wishes for the students. If you have suggestions about the classroom, please contact the teacher to schedule a time to discuss this with the teacher before or after school, not while you are volunteering or during the school day.

Please turn off or silence your cell phone while volunteering at The Home School Connection.

In order to give your full attention to your volunteer job, we would ask that you not bring your other (non HSC) children to the school while you volunteer due to liability issues.

Q: Can I observe a teacher/class?

A: Children tend to act different when there is another adult (especially one they may not know) in their classroom so we discourage observations from parents. However, if you are curious about a class, I would encourage you to contact the teacher and schedule a time to volunteer (please see above), the kids relax if once the observation turns into participation!

If your family is not already a part of The Home School Connection; we would love to have you come by and peek in our our classes through a guided tour with one of our HSC staff. You can view upcoming tours and sign up via the tour page of this website.



Q: Does my family need to live in Jefferson County in order to participate in The Home School Connection?

A: No, there are no residency restrictions or requirements to attend HSC.


General Information on Homeschooling

Q: If I enroll my child(ren) at the Home School Connection, do I still need to file a Notice of Intent with my district?

A: Technically, I think the answer is no, however every district I have ever spoken with has asked that I encourage parents to go ahead and file. The district you reside in is responsible for your child’s education until you notify them otherwise. If they do not know where/how your child is being educated they are likely to contact Social Services or Truancy. The way I look at it, sending a letter is much easier than dealing with either of those things!

Q: What information must my Notice of Intent contain?

A: According to Colorado Department of Education, the notification must list the child’s name, age, place of residence, and attendance hours. – See more here.


Visit these sites for more information on homeschooling 

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If you have a link that you think would be helpful to the Home School Connection families or homeschooling families, please email Ms. Chelsea with more information.