General FAQ

What should my student bring to HSC?

Your student will need a lunch (we are unable to provide microwaves for our students so please pack something cold or in a thermos), a water bottle, and a first period snack. It’s also highly encouraged that students bring a backpack to help carry any projects they might bring home.

Please check the weather before you leave your house. We try to get kids outside more often than not so it’s important for them to bring the right kind of clothes to school. 


Where should my students put their backpacks, lunchboxes, jackets, etc.

Students can put their backpacks, lunchboxes, and jackets in buckets set out for them in the morning. Buckets are color-coded by 6th period classes. Whatever your student’s 6th period class is they will put their stuff in the corresponding buckets color. 

Cooking/Sewing = Red

Fitness/PE = Purple

Music = Silver

Art = Pink

Multi-Media = Orange

Science = Lime green

Technology = Forest Green

Social Studies = Yellow

Performing Arts/Drama = Teal

Martial Arts = Black


Can my child bring nuts? 

Yes, students are allowed to bring products containing nuts in their lunches. At HSC we acknowledge and respect that many of our students have allergies and strive to make sure they feel safe in their environment. We are always happy to provide a nut free table at lunch or an alternative option so your child feels safe here at HSC.

Our Thursday campus is nut-free, as a policy with the church. Nuts are allowed in the lunchroom, ONLY. Please refrain from packing nuts for your student’s morning snack.

We have a very strict no food sharing policy. Please reinforce this behavior with your students at home.


I forgot a fork/spoon in my student’s lunch, do you provide these?

Yes! We understand parents are busy in the morning and accidents happen, we are more than happy to provide a plastic fork or spoon if you’ve forgotten to pack one for your child. However, we like to have these for emergencies only so please try to remember to pack one.


Do students have passing periods between classes? What about bathroom breaks?

We do not have passing periods at HSC but children are able to use the bathroom freely during class, just as long as they ask permission from their teacher. If a student needs to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom in between classes we encourage them to do so! 


Are there attendance requirements for my students?

While we completely understand that this program is supplemental to the home school curriculum or program you are providing your children at home, many of our classes require steady attendance to be successful. If your child has 3 or more unexcused absences in a semester, we will unregister them from the program. They will have to reregister at the beginning of the next semester to return to HSC, provided there is space available.


What is an unexcused absence?

The Home School Connection will excuse most absences as long as we are notified by 10am on the day of the absence. If we have not received notification by 10am, it will be listed as an unexcused absence. 


My student is absent today/we have a planned absence coming up, who do I notify?

Please email all attendance, dismissal, and drop off notices to In the email please include the date, your student’s name, and the reason for their absence.


What are the safety measures taken?

We work closely with the church staff to make sure all safety measures that can be taken are being taken. All exterior doors are locked throughout the day and there is always a staff member present watching the door. We will unlock the doors for a period of time between the start of drop off and the end of 1st period to all late families to come. 

Our staff use walkie talkies to communicate with one another. Our church staff is also equipped with walkie talkies to alert us in the event of an emergency. 

In case there was ever an emergency we follow Standard Response Protocol (SPR). In September we discuss the different scenarios presented in SRP and how to respond in such scenarios. We will also practice fire drills and lock down drills at each of our locations. 


Do you ever cancel classes for weather?

Yes. We follow Jeffco schools for closures, so you can check local news stations and Jeffco’s website for school closures. We will also contact you using the Jeffco automated system, which uses your information from Jeffco Connect so please make sure that is current.

Our teachers and families drive from all over the state to attend our program. There are times when we call school even though Jeffco doesn’t. When that happens, you will be notified using the Jeffco automated system through Jeffco Connect. 

Our families safety is our number one priority. If you do not feel safe driving to HSC on a snowy day at school day, please stay home and do what’s best for your family. We will excuse all absences as long as you email us at


What are the Start/End times at The Home School Connection?

That depends on the location:

  • Lakewood Monday & Friday: 8:40am-2:50pm
  • Westminster Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:35am-2:55pm
  • Evergreen Thursday: 9:10am-3:20pm

Students may start arriving up to 10 minutes before classes begin so teachers can begin on time!


What happens if I am late to pick my child(ren) up from HSC?

Children who are left at the program 20 minutes past dismissal (specific times below) will be charged $1.00 per minute, per child. At this time, we will also begin calling all emergency contacts we have on file. If we cannot reach any contacts and the child is still at the program after an additional 20 minutes (40 minutes past dismissal) the authorities/social services may be notified.

Mondays – Dismissal: 2.50 (late charges begin at 3:10)

Tuesdays – Dismissal: 2.55 (late charges begin at 3:15)

Wednesday – Dismissal: 2.55 (late charges begin at 3:15)

Thursday – Dismissal: 3.20 (late charges begin at 3:40)

Friday – Dismissal: 2.50 (late charges begin at 3:10)

*All non-staff (excluding students) must be out of the building within 15 minutes of dismissal




How can I find out about upcoming events at HSC?

We send out a monthly newsletter to the email addresses provided in your Jeffco Connect account. The Newsletter is our number one resource for communicating upcoming monthly events to our families. It’s highly recommended that you read the newsletter each month to receive the important information about our program.

Following us on our Facebook page is also a good way to stay up to date on current HSC events. We also have an HSC Facebook Group that is exclusive to current and past HSC families. This group is private and you must ask to join. Please allow us a few days turn over time as we are not always monitoring that group. 

Not a technology person? No sweat! At every HSC location we have a white board next to our front desk that lets you know what’s coming up in the next few weeks. We recommend taking a picture of it on your phone so you can refer back to it. 


Can my student bring their cell phone/laptop/tablet  to HSC?

No. HSC has a strict no technology policy. Unless otherwised arranged with the director, please leave all laptops, cellphones, and tablets at home. 


Who do I contact about field trips? 

Our teacher/student mentor Elona Fish handles all upcoming field trips. If you’d like to suggest a field trip option you can email her at


It’s my student’s birthday today! Can I bring treats for their classmates?

We love birthday treats as much as the next person, but we follow Jeffco’s “no sweets” policy. Likewise many of our students have allergy and dietary restrictions and we want to be respectful of that. Your student is welcome to bring any non-food treats such as stickers, erasers, etc. 

All students get a prize ticket on their birthday (or birthday week). Come up to see Ms. Danielle at the beginning of the day to claim your ticket! 


What is a Prize Ticket? And why is it a big deal for my student?

Prize tickets are given out by teachers to students for various reasons. It can range from being an excellent helper to performing in front of the class. Some teachers give out a lot of tickets, and some give out none. All students can receive a prize ticket at least once during the year on their birthday week. If you are a summer birthday come up and see Ms. Danielle during the first couple weeks of school to get your prize ticket. 

When a student gets a prize ticket they have the option to turn their ticket in during lunch for a prize out of the prize box. The prize box ranges from toys to certificate options like having lunch with a kindergartner or having a picnic lunch with friends. Our prize box is only open during recess and will close once 4th period resumes. We encourage our students to save tickets as we offer bigger prize options!


What does PONIES stand for?

Ponies is our acronym we use to help kids remember the HSC rules. 

P is for Permission 

  • You must always ask to leave a classroom. It is not safe for you to wander out of class without permission from your teacher for any reason.
  • During lunch and recess, please ask a teacher for permission before coming inside for a drink, the bathroom, or any other reason.

O is for Others

  • Be a friend to everyone. Include others and be kind.
  • Keep hands to ourselves. Tag games are okay but just remember everyone’s personal bubble. 
  • Playing rough is never okay at HSC. Wrestling games are not safe and someone could get hurt. 
  • Be honest, games are no longer fun if nobody follows the rules, make sure you understand how to play fair, if you’re not sure ask a teacher or a friend! 
  • It’s okay to tell a teacher if you feel someone is not making safe choices. By telling a teacher you’re helping a friend stay safe.

N is for Neatness

  • Rocks are off limits.
  • No throwing snow in the winter.
  • Please wipe your spot after you are done eating.
  • Always pick up your trash.
  • Please use proper bathroom etiquette. 

I is for In LIne

  • Line up after the line leader of the day. (Students can use a ticket to “buy” this privilege)
  • Keep hands to ourselves. Respect everyone’s personal bubble. 
  • Cutting in line is not permitted.
  • Line up on the concrete when coming in from recess.

E is for Eating

  • No sharing food.
  • If you are finishing your lunch outside you MUST sit in the designated area.

S is for Safety and Stuff

  • Share and take care of our equipment. Take turns or play a game where everyone can use it.
  • Toys and electronics from home are not allowed at HSC. Books are okay.
  • When you come inside from recess, make sure you have everything, water bottle, jacket, lanyard, etc. Anything left outside will go to Lost and Found.

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