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Registration for the 2018-2019 school year will begin on April 3rd – you will be able to find registration information on this page. There are several steps you can take so your child’s file is complete and he/she will be ready to be placed into classes on the 3rd! Completing these steps does not guarantee your child(ren) spots in classes, but all steps need to be completed prior to class-placement.

  1. Check out the classes we are offering under the Courses tab on the Courses page of our website
    1. You can view a spreadsheet of the classes here (each day has a separate tab at the bottom)
    2. Keep in mind, you will choose top and secondary choices for each period
  2. Log into or create a Jeffco Connect account; make sure all information is up to date.
    1. If you have done the following you DO NOT need to set up a new account, if you do not know your Jeffco Connect username/password, email me with your child’s first and last name & birth date – I will be happy to look you up.
      • Have ever been enrolled in a Jeffco school, preschool, or child-find program
      • Have filed a Notice of Intent with Jeffco in the past
    2. If your child has never been a part of Jeffco in the past, you will need to set up a new account. You can find instructions here.
    3. You will need your child’s registration code (32 digits consisting of numbers, letters and hyphens) which is available by clicking on their name and viewing their summary page, you will be able to view this even if it is showing your child as “pending”
      • No need to send me this number; you will enter it on the Class Selection form on April 3rd
      • I recommend copy/pasting this number somewhere that it is easy to access – that way if the site is under maintenance when you’re trying to register, you have everything you need & you will not experience a frustrating delay with your registration!
  3. Provide a copy of your child(ren)’s Immunizations & Birth Certificate to The Home School Connection (Faxes, scans, or mailed copies accepted)
    1. You can complete or download a vaccination exemption form contact us to get a copy of that form.
  4. Complete the Family Form
  5. Mail a check for $30/child or $75 per family. We will not deposit the check until your children have been placed in classes. You will also have the option to call and pay by Credit Card once registration has opened. We offer payment plans or you can request that fees are waived –you can select those options when you complete the Class Selection Form (available April 3).
  6. (optional) complete your Notice of Intent to Homeschool
  7. If you have any questions, please refer to our Registration FAQ

Mail to HSC, 8300 W 94th Ave, Westminster CO 80021

Email to

Fax: 720.289.9230


A quick overview of how everything works:

March 13-April 3rd*: Pre-Registration (steps above), complete your child’s file so I can place him/her/them into classes once Registration opens on the 3rd *Spring Break is March 24-April 1st so communication with HSC will be limited.

April 3rd – Registration will be ready to go, it will be all the steps listed above as well as a Class Selection form, completion of the Class Selection form is what indicates to HSC that this child would like to attend next year.

During the weeks following April 3rd, I will place each student into classes individually (so please be patient!) once their file is complete.

You will receive a “Welcome to HSC email”