Enrollment FAQ’s

When does Enrollment for the 2019/2020 school year open?

For our current families, enrollment opens March 5th at 10:00am. You will need to fill out a Return Enrollment form before getting the Class Selection form.  If you have neither of these forms and are a current family please email enrollment@wwahomeschool.org

For new families, enrollment opens April 9th at 10:00am. You will need to fill out a New Family form before you are able to pick classes. If you have any questions please email enrollment@wwahomeschool.org.

Enrollment will stay open until October 1st. We will reopen enrollment for our Lakewood location ONLY in November. Please contact enrollment@wwahomeschool.org if you are interested in enrolling. 


What’s the difference between enrollment and registration?

Enrollment opens in the Spring and this process includes: providing birth certificates, creating/updating Jeffco Connect, and selecting classes for next year. 

Registration opens in the fall and will include fees, health and immunizations, Letter of Intent, and schedules. 


When do I get my student(s) schedule?Student schedules won’t be released until August and after ALL portions of the registration packet is completed. 


Do I need to participate in the EnrollJeffco open enrollment period?

No HSC is NOT participating in the EnrollJeffco period. Please disregard any emails you might receive from the district asking you to participate in EnrollJeffco.


How do I enroll my student at HSC? 

For current families please see our Current Family tab under enrollment for further instructions on how to enroll your student for the 2019/2020 school year.

For new families please see our New Families tab under enrollment for further instructions on how to enroll your student for the 2019/2020 school year.


I can’t remember my username/password for Jeffco Connect.

Please contact enrollment@wwahomeschool.org. In the body of the email please include your name first and last name, your last address on file, or the last phone number that is one file. We will send an updated password to you shortly.


How much does it cost to attend HSC?

Nothing! We are a free, publicly funded program. There is a $30 registration fee at the beginning of the year, and a few of our classes have a $15 supply fee attached to them. Fees are payable in September through Infinite Campus. 

If you are unable to pay fees please contact the director, Chelsea Minshull for more information. 


My student wants to change one of their classes. What do I do?

To make a class change please submit a Class Change Request form. 

For first semester, class changes will be accepted from July 26th to September 2nd. Class changes will not be accepted before or after these dates, and only changes submitted through the form will be processed. 

For second semester, class changes will be accepted from November 22nd to January 20th.  Class changes will not be accepted before or after these dates, and only changes submitted through the form will be processed. 


My student was placed on a waitlist for a class, what is that? 

If your student was placed on a waitlist it means that one or both of your student’s class choices was full, and your student have been placed on a waitlist for that class. If a spot becomes available your student will automatically be moved into that class. 

If your student would like to move back into their original class you will need to fill out a Class Change Request form. Please note that once your student moves out of a class there may not be available space to move back into their original class. Many of our classes have waitlists and once a waitlist move has been made, it can often create a domino effect. Please consider this when signing your student up for classes. 


My student no longer wants to be on a waitlist. 

If your student was placed on a waitlist for a class and would no longer like to be on that waitlist, you can fill out a Class Change Request form and opt to remove them from the waitlist. 


Can I switch days/locations mid year?

No, each family should select ONE day for the entire year. Each day is set up as a separate program and as a result we are unable to have students switch between days or campuses throughout the year. 


Can my student enroll in the Home School Connection and another homeschooling program?

Students who are enrolled in the Home School Connection CANNOT simultaneously enroll with any other publicly funded school or program. Most private umbrella schools work very well alongside of HSC. If you have any questions, contact enrollment@wwahomeschool.org.


The location/day I wanted is full, what should I do?

Several of our days and locations fill up really fast, so it’s imperative that you try and enroll as soon as you can. If you find that the location you want is full there are two options: 

  1. Enroll and be added to the waitlist. Between May and August we have several families who’s plans change and space becomes available at HSC. Just because we fill up in the Spring doesn’t mean we’ll be full in the Fall. 
  2. Enroll for a different day/location. Our Lakewood location is our youngest campus and has a smaller number of students. There is more room to move between classes and generally smaller class sizes. 


What is October Count?

October Count is a two and a half week period where we receive funding from the state based off our attendance. We love being able to provide your children with quality teachers, classes, and materials. The funding we receive during this window is the ONLY reason we are able to do that, so it’s imperative that your student is present at HSC during this time. 

This year’s October Count is September 25th till October 9th. Your student is required to be in attendance on your HSC day during this window. We reserve the right to withdraw your student from the program if a student misses more than one day during this window. For additional questions email enrollment@wwahomeschool.org.

We know our families love to travel, and we support that fully but we ask that you try not to schedule any major trips during this time. In the event of an unplanned absence (kids will inevitably get sick), please email attendance@wwahomeschool.org with the date, student’s name, reasons for absence, AND documentation of absence (i.e. a doctor’s note). 


I need to pull my child from HSC, what do I do? 

In order to officially withdraw a student from HSC, an official statement needs to be sent to enrollment@wwahomeschool.org. The statement needs to include the student’s name, an official declaration that you are leaving, and your plans for next year. Here is an example below:I am withdrawing        (student(s) name)         from The Home School Connection. Our educational plans for the remainder of the year are to             (to continue to homeschool, go to public school in Jeffco School district, move out of state etc)              .